Spring Fling Tag!!

Hey guys! After complaining about the blizzard that we are currently experiencing, I realized that I’ve done enough complaining about the weather!  While I think some can sympathize with the overall feeling of “just being over it,” it’s even annoying myself that I keep talking about it.  So instead, I figured I would share a recent tag that me and my friend Hannah, Beauty Chats, came up with! It’s called the Spring Fling tag and all about the fun aspects of Spring.

To get in the Spring spirit, here’s the video! And the questions are listed below, as well as some people that I tag. I would love to see some fellow beauty bloggers do this, to get in the Spring spirit as well!


1. What eye palette do you/will you use most this spring?
2. What blush in your collection is a spring must-have? What about lipstick?
3. What nail polishes do you love to wear in the Spring?
4. What is your signature spring scent?
5. What is on your spring break agenda?
6. What trends are you looking forward to the most? Fashion, Makeup, Nail Polish, etc.
7. Do you have a spring skincare must-have?
8. What is spring like where you live?
9. Florals: gotta have em or make them stop?
10. Favorite thing/activity to do in the spring?

And I tag!

Mariko from Budziak Beauty

Kate from KflowerMaquillage

Melissa from Pink Lady Beauty

Luchessa from Beauty Expressions by Luchessa

Jenn from the PolishedPR

Lu from Never Enough Lacquer

and anyone else who wants to do this! I know I follow a lot of nail bloggers and some of the questions are makeup related.  But if any of you nail girls (cough cough, Sabrina, cough cough Jacqui) want to do this, then please go ahead and do so! Thanks for watching!

7 thoughts on “Spring Fling Tag!!

  1. You (we, all of us) are allowed to complain about the weather – it’s truly the winter that won’t end. I’ve sort of lost the will to care; I guess it’ll melt and get warmer when it melts and gets warmer, whenever the heck that is!

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  3. umm i believe that beautybyaspen created “spring fling tag” you can just look her up on youtube… and she said that she created and she also said that on keek so.. just dont lie im pretty sure she created it because she posted first and yeah !

    • i did look her up on youtube and i just have to say that i don’t appreciate you saying that i lied. she posted hers on april 1st and i posted mine february 28th. so clearly, i posted mine first. also, we have completely different questions if you bothered to watch my video. we inadvertently created tags with the same name. i think its admirable sticking up for your friend or someone that you watch on youtube, but please don’t throw accusations out without doing some research. thanks!

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