China Glaze “Lotus Begin”

IMG_8606Happy Wednesday! I had a very startling realization today that I’m almost done with my Spring semester. I have exactly 4 weeks from today that my law school career is officially over and 3 weeks from today is my last class ever! Its a little daunting, especially when it feels like spring hasn’t even started!  I still have some new spring shades to show you guys, so I shouldn’t delay any more than I already have. I picked up 4 of the China Glaze City Flourish colors this year, after skipping on every single shade from last Spring. I have to say, these hit that pastel spot that I needed filled in my heart.

IMG_8608China Glaze “Lotus Begin” is a brighter blue-toned light purple creme.  Me and light purple do not get along … not because I dislike the color, but because the color dislikes me. For some reason, I have a hard time pulling off these colors. But this one seemed to work really well with my skin tone! Maybe it’s because its brighter than your average lilac or lavender pastel and is a nice cross between a pastel and a bright.  Regardless, it is a shade that is gorgeous and really growing on me!

IMG_8607The formula on this polish is ehh.  All the shades from the City Flourish collection had the same problem … thick, dried really fast, and chalky.  But once you learn how to apply them, they’re not that bad.  So to help you guys with the learning curve, the best way to apply the City Flourish colors is to do the traditional 3 stroke method (one swipe down the middle, and one on each side).  Any additional manipulation of the polish leads to MAJOR bald spots. This dries extremely quickly, so bald spots are definitely something to watch out for. It dries to a matte finish too, so have a good top coat handy.

I’m currently wearing this shade with a metallic polish dotted over top and I think these polishes make for amazing nail art polishes. They dry fast, are pigmented and dry matte. This is 2 coats on my nails and its completely opaque, which is nice for a pastel. Plus, there wasn’t that much streaking.  Overall, this is a great polish and probably my second favorite of the City Flourish collection behind Grass is Lime Greener.

What do you guys think? Did you get any of the City Flourish colors?

5 thoughts on “China Glaze “Lotus Begin”

  1. It looks so pretty! I also got one colour from this collection ( cant bring up the name in my mind lol) but this is gorgeous too!

  2. Holly, thanks for the application tip! I bought it and was ready to give it away! Going to try your method first. Love the color on you! Deb

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