Top 10 Nail Polishes for Spring!

It’s officially that time! Spring is here and I’ve begun slowing pulling out my pastel polishes! And since Spring is finally in the air, I did my annual Top 10 Nail Polishes for Spring!

If you’ve never seen one of my Top 10 Nail Polishes for (insert season here), how I like to do things is do 10 color categories and then show multiple polishes for each category. That way I can talk about all budgets and brands while still showing gorgeous polishes!

Polishes mentioned in the video:
1. baby pink
– sinful colors “easy going”
– butter london “teddy girl”
– opi “pussy galore”

2. lavender
– opi “rupples wiggins”
– china glaze “lotus begin”
– super chic lacquer “shrinking violet”

3. mint green
– essie “mint candy apple”
– julep “suzie”
– pop beauty “mint magic”

4. baby blue
– essie “borrowed and blue”
– zoya “blu”
– colors by llarowe “unzipped”

5. light yellow
– sinful colors “unicorn”
– revlon “buttercup”
– picture polish “mellow yellow”

6. periwinkle
– china glaze “secret periwinkle”
– essie “bikini so teeny”
– opi “you’re such a budapest”

7. green
– zoya “josie”
– koh “jewel”
– hare polish “hooky at the hamlet”

8. peach (or peach-like)
– essie “van d’go”
– china glaze “metro pollen-tin”
– hare polish “electric flame”

9. brights
– opi “i just can’t copacabana”
– china glaze “grass is lime greener”
– zoya “charisma”

10. crazy glitter combos
– illamasqua “speckle”
– hare polish “neon palm”
– pocket money polishes “bad romance”

Hope you guys enjoy! What polishes do you love to wear in the Spring?

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