Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge 19 Review!

IMG_7933I had originally meant for this to be a “Friday Favorite” post, but like everything else in my life … I waited too long. I picked this up waaay back in November when I went to IMATS with the lovely Zenorah.  Right before I went to Toronto, I was reading an interview with Taylor Swift. I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan, dare I say it, but the interviewer asked what her signature red lip color was.  In my head I’m think “yeah, yeah, insert CoverGirl plug here,” but she shocked me when she said that it was a liquid lipstick/lip stain with a gloss.

IMG_7934Sadly, this is not the color that she claimed to use (that one is the signature red of the collection).  When I found these at the Make Up For Ever booth at IMATS, I went for a watermelon red color because it was unlike any other lip products in my entire collection. Make Up For Ever calls this color “Pomegranate Pink,” which I find pretty spot on.

IMG_7937On one side of the product there is the liquid lipstick/lip stain. I can’t decide which type of product it is. Is it a stain or a lipstick? It’s described as a liquid lip color on one web site and then a lipstick on another. And it definitely stains your lips. Aside from my confusion, the product has your typical doe foot applicator for the lip color.

IMG_7938The gloss side has a brush applicator, which was a little surprising to me. While I love the feeling of these brush applicators on my lips, it surprised me to have a doe foot applicator on one side and a brush on the other.

IMG_7939The gloss goes on clear while the lip color is extremely pigmented. I suggest waiting until the lip color is completely dry before applying the gloss over top, to make the color last longer and prevent weird fading.



Blogger fail here! This is the lip color on its own after about 2 hours of wear. I forgot to take lip swatches right away, so my lips look like a dry cracked mess. And I could have made it all better if I had applied the gloss, but no … my brain doesn’t think that way. Ignore my elementary blogging mistake and try to focus on the beauty that is this lip color.

What I like: the color! Oh the color! I love this red with a little bit of a pink tone. It was perfect for the holidays, when I was wearing it the most.  And the longevity! Oh wow does this thing last ALL DAY! No joke, if you let it dry on your lips you’re going to get a good 12-16 plus hours of wear.

What I don’t like: it is a little drying, which I personally don’t mind, but some of you might. Also, if you apply the gloss or a chapstick over top, it makes the lip color “wet” again.  I found that the more chapstick or lipgloss I applied over top throughout the day, the faster that it faded. It still lasted 8-10 hours, but not as much as without.

Overall, I’m in love! I’ve already purchased another shade and want a ton more! I’m thinking hot pink for the summer and coral for every day. I can’t get enough of these. But if you have an aversion to drying lip products, you may not be as in love as I am. I expect that with a long wearing lip product, so I don’t mind it at all

Grade: A-

Price: $24.00 

What do you guys think? What are your favorite liquid lipstick/stains?

4 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge 19 Review!

  1. I love these types of lipcolor, I hate having to re-apply all the time, but most long lasting products dry my lips like nobody’s business, so to be able to put a gloss over the top is the perfect solution!

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