Super Chic Lacquer Day Tripper Collection!!

Press Sample Fotor050113555 Today I have another picture heavy review for you guys!! This post is very long overdo, as I’ve had these polishes for about 2 weeks.  I didn’t get a chance to swatch them until now because of finals! I feel bad that its taken me this long to review them, but better late than never right?! And these are still available for sale on Etsy and Gloss48! The Day Tripper Collection consists of 6 shades that are a part of the Here Comes the Sun Spring/Summer 2014 collection.  I reviewed the first part of the collection, the Gaslighted Collection, about a month ago.  You can check that out here! The shades in the Day Tripper collection are:

  • Sunday Driver
  • White Water Rush
  • Hot Springs Dipping Hole
  • Kissed by the Sun
  • Pocket full of Posies
  • Basking in the Sand

Just an FYI, the bottles that I am showing you guys are blogger bottles. The normal bottles that Jennifer uses are really unique and one of the coolest parts about Super Chic Lacquer. She let me know that she was running low on her signature bottles, so just know that if you buy these you’ll get the normal bottles!

First up … Sunday Driver IMG_8740

Super Chic Lacquer describes Sunday Driver as a “slow-rollin’ sight-seeing turtle driver.”


3 Coats


Sunday Driver is a light sage green with a strong light blue shimmer. The shimmer in this polish is much more delicate than the shimmer in every other polish in the collection.  It almost has a duochrome-like quality to it. The formula on this polish was the smoothest and easiest to work with out of the entire collection. It is rather sheer though, needing 3 coats to be fully opaque. Next … White Water Rush IMG_8727

Super Chic Lacquer describes White Water Rush as “feeling the rush on the white water rapids.”


3 coats


White Water Rush is a sheer white shimmer with a strong blue shimmer. This is the perfect name for this polish! Because it’s sheer, it almost has a jelly-like look to it and the shimmers seem to just float on the surface. The formula was sheer, kind of like others in the collection. This is 3 coats.

Next … Hot Springs Dipping Hole


Super Chic Lacquer describes Hot Springs Dipping Hole as “natural spa bathing at it’s finest”


3 coats

IMG_8724Hot Springs Dipping Hole is a blue shimmer that has pink, blue and white shimmers and flakes. Wow this polish is a stunner! It is bright but complex! My pictures do not do this polish justice because there looks to be blue microflakes in it with a ton of pink, blue and white shifting shimmer. It is the prettier version of Sinful Colors “Cinderella!” The formula is a little more opaque than the others too, needing 2 thicker coats. I did 3 thin coats here and it was fully opaque.

Next … Kissed by the Sun

IMG_8747Super Chic Lacquer describes this as “catching some rays while taking in the great outdoors”


3 coats

IMG_8748Kissed by the Sun is a warm yellow with white shimmer.  Y’all know that I love yellow nail polish, especially in the spring and summer. This is no exception.  I don’t have anything like this at all in my collection, which is a surprise since I do have so many yellows! The prominent white shimmer makes this polish totally unique!  If you’re a yellow lover like me, then you know that yellow is notoriously hard to work with. This was no exception.  This is 3 coats and the last coat was a little bit thicker than the other 2 to get it fully opaque. I don’t mind though because yellow owns my heart.

Next up … Pocket Full of Posies


Super Chic Lacquer describes Pocket Full of Posies as the “wildflowers you find in your pocket after a frolic in the fields.” Is it just me or do you guys automatically sing the childhood song Ring Around the Rosie when you hear the phrase Pocket Full of Posies?

IMG_87363 coats


Pocket Full of Posies is a bright blue based pink with pink, gold and white shimmer. I love the complexity of these polishes! You really only can appreciate the beauty when you look at it up close and my photos definitely don’t do these justice!  This is definitely worth it to anyone who loves pink! It is a little warmer in real life than my pictures show, but gorgeous nonetheless. This is 3 thin coats.

And finally … Basking in the Sand


Super Chic Lacquer describes Basking in the Sand as “the warm soothing sand beneath your skin as you lay napping on the beach.”

IMG_87313 coats

IMG_8730Basking in the Sand is a nude with a blue color shifting shimmer. The shimmer shifts from a blue to a purple and even has flashes of white. These shimmery polishes from Super Chic Lacquer really have a unique quality to them! Like any nude, this was a little sheer and needed 3 coats to be opaque. But is definitely a nice departure from your average nude!

All of the polishes had the same formula. The formula wasn’t too thick and wasn’t too thin, the perfect goldilocks in between.  But don’t over manipulate them, or you will get bald spots. Also, the dry time for all 6 was fast.  One thing I will say is that each polish needs thin coats.  Normally I like to do thicker coats, but these polishes didn’t really level out and it made it appear that some parts of my nail was thicker than others.  So keep your coats thin and you’ll be fine. My favorites from the collection are Hot Springs Dipping Hole and Kissed by the Sun.  But I am also pretty partial to White Water Rush! These polishes are available now and you can get them …

Wonder Beauty Products Etsy page 

Wonder Beauty Products on Amazon

Also check them out on InstagramFacebook and Twitter!

This collection is also available on for purchase in duos if you’d like to save a little money!

What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Disclosure: products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.  All opinions are my own.


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