Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Concealer Review!

IMG_6989A year ago, my lovely friend Mariska from simply-polish sent me the most gorgeous care package! I’ve gushed about her tons before because she’s such a great friend and such a gorgeous person inside and out.  Although her blog is in dutch, she has some great inspiration boards and I love the pictures she posts.  She’s from the Netherlands and sent me a few makeup and nail products that I can’t get in the states.  And one of them was the Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Concealer.

IMG_6990I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve never tried one of these clicky-pen style concealers. I purchased one from Sephora years ago and it never ever clicked product out. I wasn’t able to return it so I’ve always stayed away from these types of concealers.

IMG_6991First up, the packaging. The packaging is sleek and the brush is very soft. When I first opened it I didn’t want to pay with the concealer at all because the bristles were so soft. I have the color rose beige which is a salmon colored concealer, perfect for concealing dark circles.  And like any other clicky-pen (is that the technical term?) concealer, you twist the bottom a few clicks and the concealer comes out a hole in the middle of the bristles.

IMG_6992Here is a heavy swatch of the product. You can see that is very salmon-orange colored. And you can also see that it is pretty full coverage. What you can’t see is how light this product is! I’m so used to using the Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer for my color correcting concealer and this totally rivals the light shade. It is a tad darker than the Eve Pearl light, but its just as easy to blend and not as thick.


And here it is blended out.  Although it looks a little dark for the skin on my hand, it works well in conjunction with a brightening under eye concealer. I always use this with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Anti-Dark Circle Eraser (these companies need to start shortening these names) in the brightener color.

What I like: I love love love the consistency. I’ve been using the Eve Pearl for so long that I forgot that other products can be better. Dare I say it, I think I like this better!  This is a thinner consistency but it doesn’t mean thinner coverage. I don’t feel it when I’m wearing it under my eyes and it never looks cakey. And the salmon color corrects the purple color of my dark circles.

What I don’t like: I can’t knock this product for this, because I have yet to find a concealer that doesn’t crease on me, but this does settle into my fine lines throughout the day. It looks flawless when I first apply it but by hour 4 or 5 I notice that it has settled in my fine lines.

Overall, I love this! I wish that we had Bourjois here because this would probably be my go-to concealer. Right now I use it as a nighttime concealer with a highlighting concealer to do that awesome Kim K. flawless look.  I looked online to see if I can get Bourjois cosmetics in the States and it says that some products are starting to pop up in Walgreens! This particular product isn’t available yet but the Healthy Mix Foundation is available on and probably a few stores. You can also get it off Asos and Amazon. But I’m keeping my fingers cross for the day that Bourjois shows up at my Walgreens!

Grade: A

Price: unknown here 😦

What do you guys think? What are your favorite concealers?

2 thoughts on “Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Concealer Review!

  1. Awww you are so sweet Holly seriously! Nobody is saying those kind words to me. The price is about €9,99 btw 😉 I am really happy you like this product. It is always tricky to send a concealer/foundation colour to a friend but if you want more i can send it to you. Might need to make a new package of Bourjois Paris =)

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