Spellbound Nails SpellBondage Collection!

Press Sample Fotor0502130452 One bad part about taking some time off from blogging to tackle my last few weeks of school is that I have a lot of nail polish collections to review! I feel bad that it has taken me this long to show you guys this collection because WOW!  While I am easily impressed with nail polish, one of these polishes was made for me … I’m convinced that Ashley made one of these polishes specifically for me, rather than for her “walk on the wild side!” IMG_8697This post is going to be picture heavy because these polishes deserve it!  IMG_8699 The SpellBondage collection is a three polish collection that are all jelly based polishes with a ton of holographic glitter. Yes, these were made for me!  The three polishes in the collection are:

  • Black Leather Thigh Highs
  • Red Hot
  • Too Sexy for Blue

All of the polishes had the same formula, so make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post to hear about how many coats they took and the dry time.  So lets get into the polishes!!  First up … Black Leather Thigh Highs IMG_8702Spellbound Nails describes Black Leather Thigh Highs as “a mysterious black jelly nearly concealing holographic charcoal, evergreen, lime, and larger ocean blue glitter.”  IMG_8693

3 coats

IMG_86943 coats

IMG_8695Black Leather Thigh Highs is a sheer black jelly base with large holographic blue hex glitters, small holographic green glitter and small holographic lime green glitter. Spellbound Nails says that there is some charcoal glitter in there as well.  I had to take a blurry picture because I wanted you guys to see how holographic this polish is.

This was the polish that was made for me! I swear I saw this polish and gasped … out loud … very loud … my mom thought I saw a spider or broke something when I opened the package, that is how loud I gasped. I LOVE THIS!!! I honestly think this is “me” in polish form. It’s dark, it’s glitter and it has green!  This is everything I love about nail polish! I need three backups of this polish.

Next up … Red Hot

IMG_8700Spellbound nails describes Red Hot as “a super sexy red jelly with holographic red, gold, and orange glitter.”

IMG_87153 coats

IMG_87173 coats

IMG_8716Red Hot is a sheer cherry red jelly base with holographic red, orange and gold microglitters and small glitters. This looks like flames on your nails. When you get out in the sunlight, it really does look like your nails are on fire. Inside, it looks like a candy apple and is really glossy and shiny. It is a really sexy red!

And finally … Too Sexy For Blue

IMG_8709Spellbound Nails describes Too Sexy for Blue as “a secretive watery blue jelly with navy, gold, and silver holographic glitter.”

IMG_87113 coats

IMG_8710Too Sexy for Blue is a sheer cerulean blue jelly with holographic blue hex glitters and holographic gold and silver microglitter. This is such a gorgeous blue. It kind of reminds me of a pool on a bright summer day, where the water is a nice cool looking blue and the sunshine just makes the top of the water sparkle like crazy. It’s gorgeous!

Formula: each polish had the same formula. All of them were sheer and are better as toppers. All of the photographs were the polishes on their own, but each took 3 coats at least. I did 3 coats for each swatch, but they were 3 thicker coats. I think these would be so much better as toppers! The formula wasn’t too thick considering they are jellies with a ton of glitter. Each went on the nails very evenly and the glitter deposited nicely onto the nails. The dry time was a little bit longer than average, but nothing too bad where I was annoyed.

Overall, I love all of these and really can’t wait to experiment. I’m envisioning layering Too Sexy for Blue and Red Hot over all sorts of neons for the summer! And Black Leather Thigh Highs is perfect all on its own so I’m planning on buying several back up bottles!

All of these can be purchased on Spellbound Nails’ Etsy Shop and StoreEnvy!

Also check out Spellbound nails Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Disclosure: products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.  All opinions are my own.


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