Zoya “Tomoko”

IMG_8355Happy Saturday!! It’s so crazy looking through old pictures just how short my nails were a few months ago.  There was a few months were my nails would just not stop breaking! I broke a nail right before Christmas and after that all the rest decided to commit suicide and break on me too. I’m probably jinxing myself saying this, but my nails are finally back to a length I like, so it kind of hurts to look at these pictures and see how short they once were.

When my nails are really short, I always gravitate towards nude polishes. I think it’s because I hate short nails so I don’t want to draw attention to my stubs. I was living in this nail polish while I was waiting not so patiently for my nails to grow.

IMG_8357Zoya “Tomoko” is a champagne pixie dust polish. I absolutely love this color, but it isn’t that unique in the world of textured polishes.  While they aren’t dupes, Zoya “Godiva” and OPI “Honey Rider” are both really similar. Because I don’t own of either of those polishes, I had to have this one. Its a great neutral, totally appropriate for work or any occasion where you may have to be more professional.

IMG_8356The formula on this polish was great. Like the other pixie dusts I’ve tried, it took 3 coats to be opaque. Because it is a champagne color, I kind of expected that and wasn’t too upset. Also like other pixie dust polishes, this takes forever to dry! I mean forever! Ever see the movie The Sandlot?? Think of squints saying for-e-ver … That’s how long it takes. But once it dries, its not going anywhere! These pixie dusts are like glue and last for days without chipping. Although I’m too late to share information about the Zoya Earth Day sale, if you’re looking for a new Zoya to try out, this is a really nice neutral!

What do you guys think? Did you pick up anything in the Earth Day Sale?

5 thoughts on “Zoya “Tomoko”

  1. Gaah! I love The Sandlot!! We had it on VHS and now on DVD. Last year, I dragged my husband to our local baseball stadium (we have the Redbirds who are the Tripe A affiliate of the Cardinals and the stadium is awesome!) to see The Sandlot on the jumbo-tron. The writer of the movie was there and introduced it before it played and they even had the Beast there and you could take pics with him! haha Anyway…I digress…

    I love Tomoko! It’s hands-down one of my favorite Pixie Dusts! I did take advantage of the Earth Day sale, but “only” got 6 polishes – lol! I got: Lianne, Beatrix, Paz, Apple, Yummy and Carmen. ♥

    • that sounds like such a cool experience! i would love to watch the sandlot at a baseball stadium! i only ended up getting 3 polishes in the sale, but i got 3 for a giveaway since it was a 6 polish minimum. i got purity, vega and lux. i’m excited to play around a little!

  2. Love this colour and it is funny how you say how your nails broke. But it aint that funny in real life probaly lol

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