China Glaze “Dandy Lyin’ Around”

IMG_8439Happy Sunday!! We are getting into May and I’m already feeling that itch to start busting out my neon nail polishes for summer. Actually, I’m wearing a neon nail polish as an accent nail right now.  In the summer I basically live in neons and white so when my friend Beth gifted me this polish, I knew I was going to get a ton of use out of it!

IMG_8441China Glaze “Dandy Lyin’ Around” is a sheer white with white gold shimmer. It’s very subtle and delicate but when you get it opaque it pops against my skin tone. I passed on this polish when it first came out, thinking that I had too many sheer whites with shimmer. But can a girl ever have too many of these types of polishes?

IMG_8440The formula on this polish is like any other sheer white. It’s sheer and streaky and takes 3ish coats to be opaque. 3ish in my language is 2 regular coats and then a thick 3rd coat because I’m impatient and just want to see the fruits of my (very hard) labor. The consistency is a little on the thicker side, which means that there is a longer dry time. But I love white and am very familiar with the struggle that comes with white nails, so I know this will get a lot of good use in the summer.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite white polishes?

2 thoughts on “China Glaze “Dandy Lyin’ Around”

  1. that looks stunning i passed on this too but now i am kinda regretting it, your nails always look so perfect.

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