Pop Beauty “Loud Lime”

IMG_8750Happy Hump Day! It is Wednesday right? These days just seem to blend together. I’m just 2 weeks in to my new job and I’m still scoping it out to see if my boss is neon-friendly. I’m starting to crave summer nail polish colors and I’ve been buying a few new neons.  This one I found on sale at Ulta a few weeks ago for 50% off because Ulta is phasing out Pop Beauty. So if you like this, check your local Ulta to see if there are any of these left!

IMG_8752Pop Beauty “Loud Lime” is a neon pastel lime green. This is very similar to China Glaze “Grass is Lime Greener” but with a MUCH BETTER formula. If you love the color of Grass is Lime Greener but hate dealing with it, then you need this polish in your life! I love colors like this so I don’t mind that I have two. I may have to do a comparison to see if they’re actually dupes.

IMG_8751The formula on this polish is impeccable for a neon and a pastel. As many of you know, but neon and pastel polishes have notoriously bad formulas so finding a polish that isn’t a pain to deal with is heaven sent. This is completely opaque in 2 coats and doesn’t apply too streaky. The only negative I have to report is about the brush … I’ve never been a fan of the Pop Beauty brushes, as they are really long and skinny. I have a harder time controlling this brush than others. But if you can master it, this is a must have!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite neons?

5 thoughts on “Pop Beauty “Loud Lime”

  1. Ugh! I’m so jealous! We don’t have Ulta in New Zealand or Pop nail polish :(. I have grass is lime greener and the formula breaks my heart. Such a pretty colour! looks great!

  2. Have this and “violetta” and they are both amazing! They do thicken quickly, but I may just need to pop them in the fridge for a few minutes before using them. Too bad they aren’t going to be at ulta anymore. But the good news is I got them at a great price!

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