Luxe Lacquers July Luxe Box Review!

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Did you guys know that there is a new nail polish subscription service out there? I feel like the world took off with makeup subscription services and now theres finally some things for us nail junkies.  There is Julep, Square Hue, A Box Indied, and a few others from various indie brands, but now there is Luxe Lacquers too!

Luxe Lacquers is a salon quality brand that is relatively new on the market (definitely new to me) that offers subscription services as well as the ability to buy individual bottles. You can get 4 surprise polishes a month for $29.99 or 2 for $19.00, and the polishes themselves are priced at $10.97. But my personal favorite part of this service is that a portion of the proceeds from every box goes to charities who focus on helping women in developing countries.  I’m all for supporting other women and supporting charities that center around education, support and health care for women and children. So this service is right up my alley!

July’s box was a mix of summer and fall shades, so I should probably just get on to showing you guys the colors …

First up:  Anne




Anne is a sea foam green with silver shimmer.  While I have a ton of sea foam greens, I don’t have any with that strong silver shimmer.  This actually reminds me a lot of a very sentimental polish which I don’t own anymore (sad face).  This is 2 coats.

Next:  Poppy




Poppy is a bright pinky red … or is it a reddish pink? I really can’t decide because it looks different in different lights. It definitely is bright though! This dries to a semi-matte, almost rubberized finish.  I personally really like that finish, but for those of you who don’t like the weird in between shiny and matte, there’s always top coat. This is 2 coats.

Next: Siena




Siena is a warm bright yellow jelly. It is a little darker than a primary yellow and has a slight tinge of orange to it. It’s almost a cross between a mustard and a primary yellow. Either way, I love yellow and it’s hard not to be happy with you have a color like this on your fingers. But since this is yellow, and a jelly, it is sheer. This is 3 coats and after looking at the photographs, it could have benefitted from a 4th (damn you HD camera!)

And finally: Mila




Mila is a blurple metallic with purple shimmer. These colors and my camera are mortal enemies! My camera wants to say “No, you’re Blue! Pick a single color you color-shifting nemesis.” And the polish says “No, I like to keep my options open.”  While I sit here giggling, imagining playing with my camera and polishes like I used to play with my stuffed animals (i.e. fighting and weird high pitched voices), This polish really is a true cross between blue and purple and no camera can photograph it accurately.  In some lights its blue (like here) and in others its much more purple.  Either way, it glows on the nails! It’s really vibrant but deep at the same time. True jewel tone for fall. This is 2 coats.
Overall, I’m not disappointed with any of these polishes! These are all really nice and pigmented. And I think that this box has a color for everyone! Really, Roxie really thought about the colors because I can’t think of someone who hates pink, red, yellow, green, blue or purple (really she hit almost every color of the rainbow here). Check out Luxe Lacquers and if you sign up, your first box is 20% off!

What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Disclosure: products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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