Marc Jacobs “Ultra Violet”

IMG_8843I have the best subscribers for my YouTube channel.  I know other people may say that, but I really think that I take the cake when it comes to my viewers.  Honestly, I have met some of the most genuine and sweetest ladies while embarking on this journey in my life.  One of them, a sweet woman named Katie, sent me a graduation present which included a ton of high end polishes! She gave me my first ever Marc Jacobs polish.  Katie, I cannot thank you enough! You’re one of the most amazingly generous people I’ve ever met and I’m lucky to know you.

IMG_8844Marc Jacobs “Ultra Violet” is a violet crelly.  My pictures make it look really blue, but in real life it is a much more vibrant bluish-purple.  Damn you colors that never photograph accurately!! (I’m speaking to you too red-orange).  My pictures do not do this polish justice! It’s vampy, deep and saturated, while still being bright and cheery.  It is also very glossy in real life! My photos make it look dull, but please take my word for it that its very shiny in real life.


The formula on this polish was much different than I expected. When looking at it in the bottle, I expected it to be very opaque.  That wasn’t really the case, and like I mentioned above, it is more of a crelly (aka creme-jelly hybrid).  This is 3 coats and on the 3rd coat I had to do a little bit of a thicker coat. But I forgive it for that, because it really is a gorgeous color! While not a unique shade, it’s one that I don’t have in my collection so I will forever cherish this.

Thank you again Katie! What do you guys think?

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