Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

It feels odd to write this.  I can’t tell you how many times I started this post, just to delete the paragraph I had just written.  I’ve neglected my blog in 2014.  I haven’t consistently blogged in almost a year, so coming back here, typing these words, feels strange and foreign.  I could write down all my excuses and my reasons for abandoning this corner of the internet, but in all honesty, I made other things in my life a priority.  But there is something about the New Year that makes you reflect on the year before and hopeful for the year to come.

I’m coining 2014 as “The Year of Stress” for me.  A short recap … I wrote my Master’s Thesis in just 4 short months (thanks to my constant procrastination), I graduated law school, earned a JD and a Master’s Degree, studied for, took and passed the Bar exam, went from not having a job to having 3, and planned a wedding.  I travelled to Washington DC, Columbus Ohio, Asheville North Carolina and places around the Smokey Mountains, New York City, and Toronto Canada.  I moved from my apartment back to my parent’s house in an effort to save money.  And I managed to keep my YouTube channel a float during all of this, while letting my blog fall through the cracks.

I looked back at my New Year’s post from last year, to see what my resolutions were and if I accomplished any.  I had 9 resolutions and it’s a little bittersweet to re-read these …

  1. Lose 60 pounds
  2. Plan my wedding (I haven’t even started lol)
  3. Graduate from law school with my JD and Masters and fingers crossed, pass the bar exam
  4. Get a JOB!
  5. Go self-hosted with my blog (how sad is this … I paid for my self-hosted site on Host Gator in SEPTEMBER! I haven’t moved anything over yet)
  6. Reach 20,000 subscribers on YouTube on my beauty channel and 2,000 on my vlog channel. Oh, and continuing my vlog channel
  7. Improve my photos on my blog
  8. Blog every day, or as close to it as I can.
  9. Move out of my apartment and find a larger place.

Did I lose 60 pounds? Nope.  Pre-holidays I was down 20 pounds but I think I’ve gained it all back (thank you sugar cookies, alcohol and overeating).  But there’s nothing like getting back up on that horse.  I’m more confident whenever I eat healthily, whether I lose weight or not.  So instead of being so crazy focused on a number, I want to make a lifestyle change and focus on eating healthier.

Did I plan my wedding? Yep, although I’m still pretty far behind schedule, all the big things are done!  I just have to focus on the smaller details, like table numbers and favors. Did I graduate from law school with my JD and Masters and pass the bar? Yep, that one I can proudly say I did.  Did I get a job? Yes, I got my first “big girl” job and am working as an attorney.

Did I blog every day? Not even close.  Did I go self-hosted for my blog?  I think it goes without saying that I did not.  I would love one day to create a self-hosted blog but I need to first make my blog a priority again.  That is at the top of my list this year.  Did I improve my photos on my blog? I don’t know, I guess I should be asking you all that.  I like to think so, and I love how far my picture quality has come, but I know there’s always room for improvement.

Did I reach 20k subscribers on my beauty channel?  Sadly no, but I’m extremely proud to be where I am now!  My New Year’s post from last year reminded me that starting 2013 I was at 2,000 subscribers, and at this time last year I was at 5,300 subscribers.  2014 ended with 12,100 subscribers! I’m still a little in shock over that number.  I know it isn’t amount the number, but I wish I could hub each and every one of those 12k people!  Did I reach 2,000 on my vlog channel? No, but I did reach 1,000! That is no small feat considering how often I vlogged (aka, about as often as I blogged … aka, almost never).

And last but not least, did I move out of my apartment? Yes, but regretting that so much now!  It’s the old adage, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  We had such a great apartment and didn’t realize that until we started to apartment hunt again.

And that brings me to 2015. What would I like to see happen in 2015? Ultimately I would like to improve as a human being … to become more positive, more understanding, more patient, and more easy-going.  But all those things are the intangible and for the sake of this blog post, I also have some more concrete goals. So here are my resolutions …

  1. Become healthier! Preferably would like to lose 60 pounds but it isn’t about the number, rather the way I feel
  2. Get organized! I bought a planner and a journal so I can start making lists again.
  3. Get married and start my life with my best friend
  4. Move out of my parent’s house and into an apartment
  5. Read more books! I would love to read 50 books in 2015 but that’s almost a book a week (eek!).
  6. Start blogging again. I don’t want to put a number on the posts I do but generally would love to write 3-4 posts a week.
  7. I guess resolutions 4 and 5 bring me to a hope of mine. I would love to start a book blog, or book channel on YouTube.  It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time but I don’t think I can juggle that many things online.  Maybe when I manage to blog consistently again I’ll revisit the book blog (baby steps Holly! This year should be called “The Year of Baby Steps”)
  8. Reach 25k subscribers on YouTube on my beauty channel and 2k on my vlog channel.
  9. Consistently put videos up on my vlog channel

That is a lot! But those are my real resolutions, and are half about my “real” life and half about my online life.  My online life is probably my biggest accomplishment so I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for all of you who have stuck around to even read this message!  Thank you for your love, support, kindness, honesty, and patience.  It means more than you know because if I didn’t have those who support me, I wouldn’t be doing this at all.  I wish you guys all the best and hope you have a great New Year!

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