Super Chic Lacquer Frozen and Flurious Collection!!

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I’m looking at this photos and silently crying over how long my nails are in these photos!  I think it’s a rule of the universe that once you get all your nails to the perfect length and size, one has to break.  Rest in piece middle finger on my swatching hand, you had a great run until you met your end with a car door.  Thank goodness I got pictures of this collection before i had to file my nails down.

If you aren’t familiar with Super Chic Lacquer, I’m pretty sure you’re living under a rock. Or you haven’t been fortunate enough to come across this brand.  In the world of indies, it’s hard to find a brand that continually puts out high quality complex creations without looking too over the top.  Jen from Wonder Beauty Products has a way with shimmer that is unparalleled from any brand – mainstream or indie.

This year’s winter collection is no exception.  Jen took her usual complex shade shifting shimmers and added holographic glitter to them. My inner magpie can never get enough glitter, so naturally this is my favorite collection of hers to date.

First up … Ice Rageous




Super Chic Lacquer describes this polish as a “vibrant retro “Santa Red” base with subtle copper shimmer, and loaded with icy multi-faceted scattered holographic effects.”  Ice Rageous is such a bright red with holographic glitter that it’s almost blinding.  Can red be a neon? Because if thats a possibility, this one would almost be there! This is the brightest red I own, and its a jelly. This is 3 coats but you could definitely get away with 2.

Next up … Royal Pain in the Ice




Super Chic Lacquer describes this polish as “a deep lush royal blue base with a vibrant contrasting green shimmer-chrome flash and strong multi-faceted holographic effects.”  Although my pictures don’t really show it, Royal Pain in the Ice does have a pretty strong green shimmer and makes the polish have an almost duo chrome look. Add in some holographic glitter with a jelly base, it makes it look like a deep dark ocean in the sunlight. Very pretty. This is 3 coats.

Next up … Chilling with my Sister




Do you like bright pink? Barbie pink? If you like 80s makeup, with bright pink lips and blue eyes, this is that in a nail polish! Super Chic Lacquer describes this as “a stark lush neon pink base with contrasting blue shimmer-chrome flash, loaded with icy multi-faceted holographic effects.”  Chilling with my Sister is the most opaque in the collection, only needing 2 coats. I like the blue shimmer running through it because it does give me flashbacks of 80s cartoons (don’t ask me why, especially since I was barely alive in the 80s).

Next up … Liquid Nitro Queen




Super Chic Lacquer describes this polish as “a cool wintry lavender base with a strong contrasting flash of green shimmer-chrome, packed full of icy multi-faceted holographic effects.”  Liquid Nitro Queen has some serious shimmer in there!  The base is a light periwinkle color and the green shimmer is so strong that it looks like a duo chrome.  This one was one of the more sheer polishes in the collection, but I think that it would be a great layering polish. I’m having visions of this over China Glaze “Secret Periwinkle” at the moment. This is 3 coats.

Next up … Mmmm Chocolate Snocaps




If someone turned Mac’s blue brown pigment into a polish, this would be it (or close to it).  Super Chic Lacquer describes this as “A semi sweet dark chocolate base with a flash of cool blue shimmer-chrome and chocked full of icy multi-faceted holographic effects.”  Mmmm Chocolate Snocaps is definitely the most unique polish in the entire collection.  It isn’t every day you see a cool toned brown with blue shimmer and holographic glitter! This wins my vote for originality. This is 3 coats.

Next up … Cold Hands, Warm Hugs:




Anyone remember the craze that was Sinful Colors “Cinderella”? No? Well a few years back, Sinful Colors released a baby blue polish that had pink shimmer. It was so sheer and the shimmer didn’t transfer to the nail at all. But the internet exploded over it, and it was the hardest $1.99 polish to find! Well, this is that on crack! Cold Hands, Warm Hugs is described as “A lush blue-turquoise base with strong fiery violet shimmer-chrome flash and icy multi-faceted holographic effects.”  It is a light blue with a strong pink shimmer and holographic glitter. This is also really sheer, needing 3 coats. But I think it could be another great layering polish!

And finally … Stocked and Cloaked for the Bifrost




I’m sorry my pictures are slightly blurry for this shade. But hey, it shows off the holographic glitter! Super Chic Lacquer describes this polish as “a lush vibrant raspberry-purple base with contrasting cool blue chrome flash, copper shimmer and packed with multi-faceted holographic effects.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself. Stoked and Cloaked for the Bifrost is such a rich looking shade and reminds me of royalty.  This was opaque in 3 coats.

Overall … all I can say is WOW! I know I said that about the last collection, but Jen seriously topped herself.  All of these are complex and the type of shades that will make you stop and stare at your nails to pick out each individual color.  I filmed a live swatch and review of this collection, so if you want to see how these apply then check out the video!

This collection is available NOW on the Wonder Beauty Product’s Etsy page.

Wonder Beauty Products Etsy page 

Wonder Beauty Products on Amazon

Also check them out on InstagramFacebook and Twitter!

What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Disclosure: products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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