About Me!

MeHi Everyone! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading.  My name is Holly and I’m a 25 year old, self-proclaimed beauty addict.  I have an unhealthy, OCD obsession with all things beauty and this is my place to write about my thoughts on products, tips and tricks, new collections and anything else that comes up.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/Public Relations and History and am now in my second year of law school.  Although I’m working my way through an education, I’m still trying to find my place in this world so I’m carving out a place for myself online.

I’m a nail polish junkie, a mascara-holic, and a perfume maniac and have very strong opinions about all things in the beauty realm.  I have this blog, as well as a YouTube page for video reviews and tutorials, so if you are like me and love makeup and hair products then hopefully I can be of some help.

In addition to loving all things beauty, I big on traveling around the world and having new adventures.  I’m a boater in the summer (small hint to where I live) and pretty much live in the water 4 months out of the year.  So don’t hesitate to email or comment or find me on facebook or twitter because I’d love to connect with other beauty lovers like myself.  And make sure you stop by my YouTube page and my Tumblr.

Lots of E-Love,


25 thoughts on “About Me!

    • awwww thank you!!! thats so sweet! i need to do it! i’m in the middle of finals right now so hopefully look for the post in a about a week when i have time to answer the questions and come up with some

  1. Hi Holly-

    Being a guy, I admittedly have no idea about nails or beauty products, but I really found your writing and your linked YouTube videos to be warm, friendly, smart, and incredibly genuine. So, while I may not know much about the subject matter, those are definitely the traits of someone I’d like to follow on here.

    Best of luck and much success!

    • awww thank you so much! that is so sweet of you to say. i know that sometimes its hard to follow a blog when you don’t have a passion for the subject matter so that means a lot that you took the time to comment.

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