Where To Find Me!

With social media growing very rapidly, I have a multitude of different places where you can find me! If you want to follow me on places other than my blog or get to know more more personally, here are all my links!


My YouTube page!  I do mainly beauty and nail polish videos.  I will throw in some fashion and personal videos as well.


Tumblr!  I have 2 tumblr accounts.

MissHollyBerries.  That one is my personal tumblr so its totally random

DamnitHolly.  Nail of the Day posts.  If you follow my blog, then you already see all these images but its more streamlined



@mshollyberries.  This one is the one I use for my blog, tumblr and youtube.  I don’t have any personal friends on there and kind of like to keep my blog life and personal life semi-separated.


Instagram: MissHollyBerries.


Email: misshollyberries@live.com

That email is for business and personal blog emails.  For anyone who has a question, comment, concern, anything, please feel free to email me.  Any business or aspiring business or etsy seller (anyone at all) please feel free to email as well.

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