Lemming/Wish List

Here is just a wish/lemming list! of all the polishes that I really really want.

What exactly is a lemming? A lemming nail polish is polish that you really really really want, but can’t seem to find.  It makes the desire to have that polish even greater!

Some of these are pretty much unattainable, but some I just need to bite the bullet and buy.  These are in no particular order, because I’m just adding as I go along.  This is an ever expanding list, so right now it might be a little short So if you have any of these polish and are interested in selling or swapping, please don’t hesitate to email me at misshollyberries@live.com

  1. A England “Bridal Veil” (thank you Mariska! check out her blog simply-polish.blogspot.com)
  2. A England “Ascalon” (thank you Mariska!!)
  3. A England “Tristan”
  4. OPI  Spotted Top Coat (Thank you Katie!!)
  5. OPI “Mad as a Hatter” (thank you Katie!!)
  6. OPI “Absolutely Alice”  (thank you Katie!!)
  7. OPI “Parlez-Vous OPI?”
  8. OPI “My Private Jet” (original holo) (thanks to Judi, Middle Age Beauty Queen, I have the newer version!)
  9. China Glaze “Ruby Pumps”
  10. China Glaze “Fortune Teller”
  11. Sonnetarium “Snow Fall”
  12. Sonnetarium “Demonized”
  13. Models Own “Indian Ocean”
  14. Picture Polish “Mask-a-rade”
  15. Picture Polish “White Wedding”
  16. Hare Polish “Afterglow” (thank you Mariska!!)
  17. Butter London “Two Fingered Salute”  (thank you Katie!)
  18. Nars “Zulu”  (thank you Katie!)
  19. Essie “Starry Starry Night”
  20. Essie “Bahama Mama”
  21. Urban Decay “Toxic”
  22. Nfu oh 51
  23. Nfu oh 59
  24. Nfu oh 60
  25. Nfu oh 61
  26. Nfu oh 62
  27. Nfu oh 63
  28. Nfu oh 65

9 thoughts on “Lemming/Wish List

  1. I have “Parlez-Vous OPI” – it was one of my first OPI colors I ever purchased. I was standing in line at Aveda and just felt so gorgeous with my new hair style and saw that bad boy and was like I gotta have you, $8.50 and all! You should totally get it!

  2. Holly, when yo are ready, I can get all the OPI you have in yur list and I have the models own I Dian ocean. I was going to sell on eBay but I’ll hang onto it for a bit to see If you want it.
    — Judi

    • omg seriously judi!?!?!?!?! i would totally buy those off of you! which ones do you have? i would love to buy those off of you! whats your email address? i’ll contact you directly if that makes things easier?

    • oh i wish! right now i put myself on a polish buying ban because i’ve gotten almost 100 new bottles in the last 3 months lol i have a major problem and need to figure out a new storage system before i buy more

  3. Butter London two fingered salute is on their website! It was my #1 lemming and i couldn’t believe i found it on their website i love it i highly reccomend it😊

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